Shoot sharper sports photography: pro techniques and the settings they use

Sports photography tips: pro techniques for getting any subject sharp

Getting subjects in focus


Getting subjects in focus when shooting sports photography

One of the common photography problems with getting subjects in focus is when your camera is set to an autofocus point selection mode, which means all the AF (autofocus) points are active and your camera will then just focus on whatever is closest in the frame – not necessarily your subject if it’s further away (here are some more good tips on how to choose the best AF mode for your subject).

Instead, manually select a single AF point – start off using the central AF point as it’s generally the most responsive and accurate – and then you can decide what your camera focuses on, rather than the 
camera ‘guessing’ and getting it wrong.

For more on manual focusing, see our in-depth guide to Manual Focus: what you need to know to get sharp images.

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