Shoot sharper sports photography: pro techniques and the settings they use

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    Sports photography tips: pro techniques for getting any subject sharp

    The best shutter speeds for sports photography


    Regardless of the subject you are shooting, if you intend to freeze the action in your sports photography, you’ll need a fast shutter speed.

    Typically, DSLRs allow you to dictate the shutter speed, leaving your camera to then automatically set the aperture to obtain an accurate exposure.

    So what shutter speed should you use? The shutter speed you need will depend on how fast the subject is moving.

    The faster its actual speed, and the bigger it is in the frame, the faster the shutter speed will need to be.

    You will also need a faster shutter speed if the subject is moving across the frame, rather than simply heading straight towards you.

    Start off with a shutter speed of around 1/500 sec and work up (or down) from there (find out some of the common mistakes at every shutter speed – and the best settings to use).

    Increase the ISO to 200, 400 or 800 as required, even when shooting in daylight, to ensure you get a fast enough shutter speed.

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