Top 5 short films shot on Nikon DSLRs

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    Although a number of Nikon DSLRs have video recording capabilities, we understand that many of you would rather shoot still images rather than moving pictures. However, as we’ve often stumbled across some absolutely beautiful short films shot using Nikon DSLRs, we decided to put together a post featuring five of the best Nikon films.

    WHY is an official video from Nikon was shot to demonstrate what the Nikon D4 is capable of. Turns out it’s capable of very beautiful things indeed! You can watch the making of WHY here.

    Title: WHY
    Camera: D4
    By: Corey Rich

    Joy Ride is the official Nikon D800 video. You can watch the making of here.

    Title: Joy Ride
    Camera: Nikon D800
    By: Sandro

    Antarctica: Tales of Ice, is a compilation of scenes from Antarctica, featuring a rather bizarre soundtrack! The film was shot on a D3100, and although it is no where near as high spec as the D4 or the D800, the beautiful imagery here clearly demonstrates that its full HD video capture is certainly nothing to be scoffed at.

    Title: Antarctica: Tales of Ice
    Camera: Nikon D3100
    By: Kadavre Exquis

    IGLU Bauanleitung records a group of backpackers building an igloo. Shot on a Nikon D300s and Canon EOS 550D, the film demonstrates the very high standard of the cameras’ video capture ability. Also one to watch if you want to know how to build an igloo!

    Title: IGLU Bauanleitung
    Camera: Nikon D300s and Canon EOS 550D
    By: Sooli Film

    D800 Lungshan Temple features a selection of scenes from Lungshan Temple in Taiwan.

    Title: Nikon D800 Lungshan Temple
    Camera: Nikon D800
    By: Taiwan Johnson

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