The best lenses for sports photography (and ideal focal lengths to use)

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    Ideal focal lengths for sports photography


    Best Focal Lengths for Sports Photography

    Try these lens settings with APS-C SLRs to get the best compositions (for more on composing images, see our guide to the 10 Rules of Photo Composition – and why they work)

    Stadiums: 10mm to 17mm
    Skateboarders: 18mm
    Runners: 50mm
    Tennis: 70mm to 100mm
    Football: 200mm
    Motorsports: 250mm
    Cricket: 300mm
    Baseball: 400mm

    PAGE 1: Wide-angle zooms
    PAGE 2: Mid-range zooms
    PAGE 3: Telephoto zooms
    PAGE 4: Best focal lengths for sports photography
    PAGE 5: The two most common questions about sports photography lenses


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