5 things you need know about tilt-shift lenses

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    5 things to know about tilt-shift lenses

    With onboard perspective controls, you can keep uprights vertical, rather than applying corrections when editing

    3. Who makes tilt-shift lenses?
    Canon offers four TS-E (tilt-shift) lenses ranging from 17mm to 90mm in focal length. Nikon makes three PC-E (perspective control) lenses with focal lengths between 24mm and 85mm.

    All are prime lenses that are fully compatible with both full-frame and APS-C camera bodies. 

    4. When should I use them?
    These lenses are particularly great for architectural photography, when you want to stop upright walls of buildings appearing to lean inwards towards the top.

    The tilt mode is also very useful for landscape shots when you have very close and distant objects in 
the frame that you want to keep simultaneously sharp.

    5. How do I attach a tilt-shift lens to my SLR? 

    With a regular bayonet fit, these lenses attach to your camera in the same way as regular lenses, but have additional tilt and shift controls for perspective effects.


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