Light trails: what you didn’t know about this night photography favourite

Light trails: all you need to know for this night photography favourite. Tips on where and when to shoot them, best camera settings and more.

How to shoot light trails at dusk


How to shoot light trails at dusk

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Try shooting light trails just after sunset when you’re able to capture the ambient light from the sky or background as well as the light trails from passing vehicles.

The key thing is to produce a balanced picture where the background and light trails are both well exposed.

This occurs at a point when the exposure for the sky or background is similar to the light trails.

Manually expose for the light trails, start shooting before the optimum point and continue until the background is almost dark. The trails will be correctly exposed throughout as you set the exposure manually.

The background will vary from over- to under-exposed as the ambient light drops during the sequence, but with images perfectly balanced in the middle.

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