19 stellar posing tips and camera tricks for flattering pictures of older people

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    Posing tips for pictures of older people: lifestyle portraits


    Posing tips for pictures of older people: lifestyle portraits

    Lifestyle portraits seem to be very popular for older women.

    Most women are very proud of their home and will have props and accessorise you can incorporate into the final shot.

    I like the way these four images work together as a set. All these shots were taken using only natural light (learn to See the light like a pro: everything you were afraid to ask about natural light).

    To make four images complement each other as a collective image ensure each is tied to a similar colour palette i.e. all colour, same white balance and similar styling.

    PAGE 1: Tips for before and during your shoot
    PAGE 2: Glamour shots
    PAGE 3: Incorporate a hobby
    PAGE 4: Use natural light
    PAGE 5: Lifestyle portraits
    PAGE 6: Environmental portraits
    PAGE 7: Show their hands
    PAGE 8: Candid portraits


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