Break the rules: become a pro at using backlight to add drama to any photo

Master the backlight effect

4 Crucial Backlighting Tips to Remember


Backlighting photography tips

01 Think about light
Shoot your subject against 
a dark background. This will accentuate the backlit parts of your subject, helping them to stand out more dramatically and eliminating bright areas behind the subject that can overpower the shot.

02 Experiment with 
the exposure
Bracket your exposures to 
alter the look of your images. Exposing for the highlights around your subject can create extremely dramatic effects, with just the outline of the subject visible. This can also 
be achieved later on by adjusting the exposure during raw processing.

03 Reduce contrast
Soft backlighting when the sun is weak or low in the sky will lower the contrast levels and reduce the chance of blocked shadows and blown highlights.

04 A hood’s good
Make sure you always shield the front element of your lens in order to prevent flare. This can be a major issue when shooting into the light, so always fit a lens hood, and if necessary cast a shadow over the lens using your hand or a piece of card. Alternatively, you could try composing with the sun hidden behind the subject.

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PAGE 2: 3 ways to achieve backlight effects in-camera
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