Painting with light: what you need, and where and how to do it

Light painting tutorial

What You’ll Need When Painting With Light


Canon DSLR menu settings: ISO Expansion

Modern SLRs will have good noise control at higher ISOs (learn how to reduce noise at high ISO settings). Set the camera to Manual mode and use a wide aperture of about f/5.6 at ISO800 for 30 secs. Shoot in raw.

Using prime lenses: Sigma 14mm

You don’t need expensive lenses with wide apertures (like f/1.4 or f/2.8). Work with what you have, but a wide-angle lens is perfect.

How to Photograph Fireworks: wear a head torch

Light sources
Pack a head torch with red and white settings. Red won’t burn your eyes like white does, and is great for creative shots. Pack a small white, neutral-beam torch, and larger torches for big subjects.

4 ways to extend your camera battery life

Ensure batteries for both camera and torches are charged. Batteries fail in the cold, so pack plenty and keep them as warm as you can (check out these 4 easy ways to extend the life of your battery).

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