5 must-have menu tweaks for Canon users

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    For those who have a Canon camera that offers My Menu or Exposure dial custom modes, your homework this month is to set them up in a way that they’re useful to you. If you don’t have these options, go through your menu options and Custom Functions. Here are five we think everyone should set…

    Canon DSLR menu settings: ISO Expansion

    Tweak No. 1
    Most Canon DSLRs come set up with a restricted ISO range. If you want to access the most sensitive settings, ideal for handheld low-light shooting, turn on the ISO Expansion Custom Function (find out how to reduce noise at high ISO settings).

    Canon DSLR menu settings: aperture and shutter scale

    Tweak No. 2
    Your EOS camera defaults to increasing aperture and shutter speed a third of a stop at a time. Your camera will handle faster if you move up and down the scale in half-stop steps.

    Canon DSLR menu settings: Color Space

    Tweak No. 3
    The Colour Space menu setting dictates the range of colours that are captured. The sRGB default is optimised for computer display, but the alternative Adobe RGB option captures more colour information; you can always convert to sRGB later.

    Canon DSLR menu settings: Auto Rotate

    Tweak No. 4
    The Auto Rotate menu option controls which way round upright pictures are displayed on your LCD screen and computer. Turn it on for computer viewing, to save time rotating them when on your PC.

    Canon DSLR menu settings: Live View

    Tweak No. 5
    Live View is one of the best new features of the last few years, but unbelievably when you buy a camera with this option this function is disabled (find out how to master Live View on your Canon DSLR). You need to enable it in the Menu before you can switch it on.


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