5 common lens problems (and how to solve them)

5 common lens problems: Lens flare

Lens Problem No. 3: Converging Verticals


Problem No. 3: Converging Verticals

The problem
You’ll usually see this when you’re shooting architecture from ground level with standard to wide-angle lenses (download our free architecture photography cheat sheet).

Tilting the lens has the effect of distorting the scene’s perspective, causing the building’s verticals to converge towards the top of the frame.

The solution
Either hire or buy a dedicated tilt-and-shift lens, which can be used to straighten verticals, or apply a perspective tweak later in Photoshop.

PROBLEM No. 1: Lens Flare
PROBLEM No. 2: Vignetting
PROBLEM No. 3: Converging Verticals
PROBLEM No. 4: Barrel Distortion
PROBLEM No. 5: Lens Diffraction


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