5 common lens problems (and how to solve them)

5 common lens problems: Lens flare

Lens Problem No. 2: Vignetting


5 common lens problems: Vignette

The problem
This is characterised by a darkening of the corners of the frame, and is caused by the lens actually capturing its own sides. It’s particularly noticeable when you’re shooting a clear sky.

The problem is usually associated with wide-angle lenses at wide apertures, although it only becomes a concern when you’re shooting on a full-frame camera (do you really need a full frame DSLR?), which makes use of the full diameter of the lens.

Vignetting can be a positive creative tool as well, helping to draw attention to the centre of the frame.

The solution
If you notice dark corners, try zooming in a touch, or set a narrow aperture.

Alternatively, Photoshop’s Lens Correction tools (Filter>Distort>LensCorrection) do an excellent job of eliminating (or enhancing) vignetting.

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