20 questions you need to ask about how to print photos

19 questions you need to ask about how to print photos

16 How do I get rid of lines on my prints?

Surface scratches might be due to grit or dust on rollers that move the paper through the printer, so check that. Also, only take paper out of the box when you’re ready to print. If the problem is in the print itself, your printer head might be clogged up and need cleaning.

There’s a utility that you use to determine the problem and then you can go for the printer’s auto option to resolve the issue or manually choose the head cleaning option. In severe cases you may need to repeat the cleaning cycle several times. Do a test print to check afterwards.

How to get rid of lines on prints

Status monitor
Check ink levels and the status of your prints here.

Auto nozzle check and cleaning
Use this if prints come out looking blurred or with poor colours. Make sure a few sheets of plain paper (not photo paper) are loaded first.

Nozzle check
Loads some plain paper and use this to see if you have a nozzle problem.

Head cleaning
If you nozzle check print has gaps in is, use this utility to clean the print head.

Print head alignment
This improves print quality in High Speed mode. There is an automatic and a manual option.

Printer and option information
On this printer, there’s the option of telling the printer that thick paper is being used.


How to print more than one photo on a page

17 How do I print more than one image on a page?

In Photoshop Elements, Bridge and earlier Photoshops there’s a contact print function. However, for the total control, the best way is to do it manually.

Open the pictures, create a new document (Ctrl + N) the same size as your paper. Using the Move tool, click on an image and drag it onto your new document.

Resize it using the Transform tool (Ctrl + T) and position it. Repeat with all your pictures.


18 How do I make a photo book?

First, pick a service and download the template software. Then prepare your images.

Crop, clone and resize them to the biggest size you need, then add an unsharp mask and save them as JPEGs in a folder. You can use JPEGs straight from the camera but most photographers will tweak their work first.

Next, think about how you’re going to paginate the book. How many chapters? Are you going to have one image per page or are you going to shoe-horn in 20 or a combination? Are you trying to tell a story? Are you going to include text? You also need a cover image 
and a title.

If you have many images it’s worth making small prints to help planning because you want to get it right.


19 How big can I print my shots?

You can enlarge images to any size but the larger you go the greater the quality loss. In software you have two options.

You can get a bigger print by increasing the image size but if you want to keep the 300dpi resolution, you have to ask the software to have a look at the existing pixels within the image and make an educated guess to create more pixels to allow this. This process is called interpolation and makes the file bigger too.

On the other hand, you can keep the existing file size identical but lower the resolution. Changing the resolution to 200dpi gives a 490x320mm print or 150dpi gives a 650x440mm print.

You’ll probably not see the difference at normal viewing distances, especially on textured papers.


20 What’s an ICC profile and how can I use it?
ICC stands for International Color Consortium and it promotes an open standard for colour management systems. The ICC specification applies to the software in input devices (cameras, scanners), display devices (monitors) and output devices (printers).

If each of your devices has a profile that conforms to the ICC standards, this will help you get the correct colour reproduction of your images from input to display and output.

During printing, choose the appropriate profile to match the paper and printer you’re using as you go through the interfaces on the way to making a print. Visit www.color.org for more info on the ICC.

What other ways are there to show off shots?

Rather than always printing to paper, many printing labs, both on the highstreet and online, now offer a wide variety of different ideas for your images. We’ve taken a look at a selection of different gift ideas and picked four of our favourite suggestions.

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