How to get your photos published in magazines

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    What will you be paid?


    How to get your photos published in magazines

    Many specialist newsstand magazines pay by the page, so the proportion of the page taken up by your photo determines your fee. If you were submitting both words and pictures you could get anywhere from £60-200 per page, depending on the magazine.

    If you do have work accepted then you need to know the ‘rights’ the magazine is buying from you. It’s common for magazines to insist on full rights in perpetuity.

    This means they can re-use the image in reprints, digests, foreign editions and so on. You still own the picture, but they’ve bought the right to use it.

    The terms vary between publishers and it’s important that you’re absolutely clear what you’re selling.

    PAGE 1: Practice Patience
    PAGE 2: Making the right approach to editors
    PAGE 3: Improve your chances of getting photos published
    PAGE 4: Common mistakes when trying to get photos published
    PAGE 5: What will you be paid?


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