32 amazing firework photos

Victoria Day Fireworks, Richard Gottardo

As it’s the 4th of July, we decided to celebrate with some of the most amazing firework photos from around the world that we could find. If you’re wondering how on earth you could capture great shots like these, you might want to have a read through our tutorial How to photograph fireworks (and how to fake it).

Fringe NYC New Year Fireworks, Val Tourchin

Fringe NYC New Year Fireworks © Val Tourchin

Eiffel Tower, Paulo Benittes

Eiffel Tower © Paulo Benittes

Iwo Jima Memorial, Arlington, Virginia, Richard Sisk

Iwo Jima Memorial, Arlington, Virginia © Richard Sisk

Victoria Day Fireworks, Richard Gottardo

Victoria Day Fireworks © Richard Gottardo

A Happy New Year 2012!!, by Takanori Kishikawa

A Happy New Year 2012!! © by Takanori Kishikawa

Happy new Year, Stefan Thaler

Happy New Year © Stefan Thaler

4200@75, Shawn Clover

4200@75 © Shawn Clover

Vegas New Year’s 2012 fireworks celebration, Ronnie Renaldi

Vegas New Year’s 2012 fireworks celebration © Ronnie Renaldi

Sun Valley Torchlight Parade, Tory Taglio

Sun Valley Torchlight Parade © Tory Taglio

Fourth on Lake Austin, Trey Ratcliff

Fourth on Lake Austin © Trey Ratcliff

Fire on Ice, Oscar Bjarnason

Fire on Ice © Oscar Bjarnason

Rising Desert Star, Iyad Tibi

Rising Desert Star © Iyad Tibi

Number 23, Matt Bondi

Number 23 © Matt Bondi

Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Celebrations, David Yu

Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Celebrations © David Yu

Happy New Year II, Wojtek Firlej

Happy New Year II © Wojtek Firlej

Cosmic Dragon, Yume

Cosmic Dragon © Yume

Jingu Gardens Fireworks 2011, Kenji Doi

Jingu Gardens Fireworks 2011 © Kenji Doi

125th Birthday Celebration Brooklyn Bridge, Cynthia Jennings

125th Birthday Celebration Brooklyn Bridge © Cynthia Jennings

Fireworks, JP Urdiroz

Fireworks © JP Urdiroz

International Fireworks 2, David Nightingale

International Fireworks 2 © David Nightingale

The Swan Lake, Vital Lee

The Swan Lake © Vital Lee

The Grande Finale, Mike Mehiel

The Grande Finale © Mike Mehiel

2012, Hythem Al Daham

2012 © Hythem Al Daham

Charles River, Ian Sbalcio

Charles River © Ian Sbalcio

Fireworks!, Andrew Curtis

Fireworks! © Andrew Curtis

Hong Kong time lapse photograph, Coolbiere

Hong Kong time lapse photograph © Coolbiere

New Year’s!, Joakim Lloyd Raboff

New Year’s! © Joakim Lloyd Raboff

Canada Day Fireworks, Kuze Hideo

Canada Day Fireworks © Kuze Hideo

Sydney - New Year!, Paul Wilcock

Sydney – New Year! © Paul Wilcock

Fireworks, Rim Hun Young

Fireworks © Rim Hun Young

Fireworks in Oslo, Dawid Martynowski

Fireworks in Oslo © Dawid Martynowski

Busan Fireworks, Dongwoo Kim

Busan Fireworks © Dongwoo Kim

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