17 posing tips and in-camera slimming tricks for shooting curvy models

17 posing tips and in-camera slimming tricks for shooting curvy models

Posing Tips for Curvy Models: Shoot from above


Posing tips for curvy models: shoot from above

Many photographers photograph from above and although this is instantly slimmer it can cause distortion and make the head look too big for the body if you are not subtle in your approach.

This beauty shot was taken from above and uses a subtle angle with a longer focal length to fill the frame with the model. As a result, it emphasises the subject’s key features and assets without distortion.

Here’s a top tip for this pose: if you try this pose do not get the subject to look up as this can cause wrinkles in the forehead.

PAGE 1: General posing tips for curvy models
PAGE 2: Basic posture
PAGE 3: Frame their face
PAGE 4: Avoid the double chin
PAGE 5: The classic S shape pose
PAGE 6: Shoot from above


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