17 posing tips and in-camera slimming tricks for shooting curvy models

17 posing tips and in-camera slimming tricks for shooting curvy models

Posing Tips for Curvy Models: Basic posture


Posing tips for curvy models: basic posture

For any subject a good posture is essential. Tell your model to imagine that she is a puppet on a string and to have a straight back, bring the shoulders down, chest up and shift your weight on to the back leg if stood up.

Your model’s arms should never be pressed against the body, as these will make the arms look bigger.

If you want their arms to hang down at their sides you should pose them to create triangles to show definition in the arm. Never position an arm symmetrically; always place one slightly higher than the other.

Straight arms and legs make the subject look uncomfortable so remember if it bends, bend it!

PAGE 1: General posing tips for curvy models
PAGE 2: Basic posture
PAGE 3: Frame their face
PAGE 4: Avoid the double chin
PAGE 5: The classic S shape pose
PAGE 6: Shoot from above


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