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    6. Gorillas in the Mist (1988)

    Real-life zoologist Dian Fossey spent 18 years living with the endangered gorillas of Virunga National Park, the Congo. She eventually became a one-woman defence force against the local poachers. Although she was murdered in 1985 (with many believing poachers to be responsible), her conservation efforts became famous around the world. The biopic was inevitable, and we’re lucky director Michael Apted did such a sensitive job.

    The photographer: Fossey is played winningly by Sigourney Weaver, although reports claim that the conservationist was far more enigmatic and eccentric in real life. Although a National Geographic photo journalist, Fossey’s lover Bob Campbell (played by Bryan Brown) spends a lot of time shooting a film we never get to see. Fossey is the one taking stills very convincingly with her trusty Nikon F.

    Nikon at the movies: Gorillas in the Mist

    © Warner Bros/The Kobal Collection

    Most famous for: The stunning footage of mountain gorillas, seamlessly integrated with shots of actors hulking around in animal suits. You wouldn’t guess it wasn’t all the real thing.

    WORTH WATCHING? 50/50. Not a classic by any means, but it’s still a great-looking film.


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