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    5. City of God (2002)

    The unsavoury underworld of Rio de Janeiro never looked so vibrant – or dangerous – as it does in this frenetic saga. The film follows a group of malcontents through decades of ultra-violence and war, as the streets are consumed by blood, bullets and testosterone.

    The photographer: Rocket (Luis Otávio, and later Alexandre Rodrigues) pines for a life as a photographer but is dragged into Rio’s gang wars. Ironically, this gives him his big break, as he graduates from photographing druglords to a stint on a local paper. He wields a Kodak Instamatic and Retina Reflex III, but finishes up with Nikon’s first SLR, the Nikon F, and a dream job.

    Nikon at the movies: City of God

    © Globo Films/The Kobal Collection

    Most famous for: Its astonishing amateur cast – most were from the Rio favelas, a few from the notorious Cidade de Deus itself.

    WORTH WATCHING? Yes, although be prepared for a bloody action film first and a high-minded analysis of gang culture second.


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