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    4. The Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)

    Fashion photographer Laura Mars (Faye Dunaway) is suspiciously keen on capturing violent, erotic imagery… In fact, she’s so keen that the police think she’s got something to do with a series of murders. She hasn’t, of course, but she does have the uncanny ability to see through the eyes of the real killer.

    The photographer: Mars favours a Nikon FM, one of the better SLRs of the 1970s, with an MD-11 motor drive. This is fairly accurate, although the FM was more often used as a backup camera for professional photographers. While shooting the film, Dunaway was dating showbiz photographer Terry O’Neill. Presumably, she owes her convincing way with a camera to her then-boyfriend’s influence.

    Nikon at the movies: The Eyes of Laura Mars

    © Columbia/The Kobal Collection

    Most famous for: This was the first major studio outing for screenwriter John Carpenter, who went on to direct Halloween.

    WORTH WATCHING?: For less-than-subtle mystery/horror, absolutely.


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