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    10. Superman Returns (2006)

    Superman Returns is, oddly enough, a belated sequel to the Christopher Reeve-starring Superman 2 (1980) that entirely ignores the events of Supermans III and IV. Why? No one really knows. Brandon Routh makes a stunning debut as the Man of Steel, foiling a disappointingly mundane Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) scheme to generate Kryptonian real estate in the North Atlantic. Of course, he falls back in love with the Earth while he’s at it. And Lois Lane (a fine Kate Bosworth).

    Nikon at the movies: Superman Returns

    © Warner Br/Everett/Rex Features

    The photographer: Sam Huntington plays Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen. Sadly for Jimmy’s career, his 80-400 VR lens doesn’t quite manage to capture Superman at top speed. Sadly for Nikon fans, no one on set saw fit to tell poor Huntington how to hold his instrument…

    Most famous for: Brandon Routh’s performance is a brilliant homage to Christopher Reeve’s – never descending to the level of imitation.

    Worth watching? Maybe for Routh. Probably not for the photographer. Certainly not for the plot.


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