9 creative photo ideas to try in July

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    9 creative photo ideas to try in July: photograph a factory at night

    Image by Simon Butterworth

    8. Photograph a factory at night
    Opportunities for creating dramatic and beautiful images can often be found in industrial landscapes (check out our night photography tips for the architectural photographer).

    Keen-eyed landscape pro Simon Butterworth spotted the similarities between the Grangemouth Oil Refinery in Scotland and the pipes and tubes of wind instruments, producing an image he calls ‘Orchestra: petrochemical magic’.

    Simon arrived on location and found a good vantage point well away from the road, and framed an area of the factory that contained the maximum visual interest using a medium-length lens.

    “This approach makes pictures with more impact than trying to squeeze the whole site into the frame,” Simon explains. “Don’t worry too much about the bright spotlights over-exposing. The long exposure makes stunning effects with 
blur from the smoke and steam.”

    Get started today…

    • The ideal time for industrial photography is when there’s some residual light in the sky, but the factory lights are visible (check out our in-depth guide to Night Photography: how to set up your camera to shoot anything).
    • The authorities can take a dim view of photographing factories, Simon warns, so always make sure that you get permission from the relevant people first.


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