9 creative photo ideas to try in July

9 creative photo ideas to try in July

9 creative photo ideas to try in July: fashion portraits with natural backdrops

Image by Sarah Ann Wright

5. Shoot a fashion portrait with a natural backdrop
Beaches are great locations for portraiture because the natural scenery offers a multitude of potential backdrops.

Fashion and wedding photographer Sarah Ann Wright shot this portrait from above using the sand as a background.

“It was cloudy so there was enough diffused light from the reflective sand to shoot with a fast shutter speed and low ISO,” says Sarah (learn some of the common mistakes at every shutter speed – and the best settings to use).

“I later used Colour Balance, Curves and Selective Colour in Photoshop to remove the yellow of the sand and replace it with blues for a more interesting shot.”

Get started today…

  • Sunny days don’t always make for the best beach portraits. If your model is in bright sunlight, use a white sheet or white reflector to diffuse the light and avoid harsh lighting (learn how to use a reflector to control natural light).
  • Sand tends to reflect light, and your camera may under-expose to compensate. Check your histogram regularly, and increase the exposure by up to +2EV if necessary.
  • Never put your camera down on the sand. Keep it around your neck using the strap, and be careful of any breeze when changing lenses.



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