9 creative photo ideas to try in July

9 creative photo ideas to try in July

9 creative photo ideas to try in July: shoot a candid street photo

Image by George Donciu

2. Shoot a candid street photo

Street candids are all about creating meaningful images of strangers in public without the subjects’ knowledge, or at least when they aren’t looking directly into the lens (be sure to check out these 21 street photography tips directly from the professionals).

Compositionally, you want to create several points of interest in the image that relate back and forth, creating triangles that invite the viewer to imagine relationships and stories based on the dynamics of the scene you’ve captured.

For instance, you might have a shot of several people passing each other in a street, where each is looking at one of the others, but none are looking at each other. 
Or you might have a shot of a person that unknowingly has an interesting or ironic relationship with his environment.

Get started today…

  • Photographing groups of strangers is easier and less intrusive than snapping single subjects. If you think someone might object to having their photo taken, either speak to them before or after the shot to acquire their permission, or don’t take the shot at all.
  • Switch your camera to Continuous shooting mode, switch off the flash, and disable any superfluous beeps and clicks it may emit.
  • To lessen your visibility further, hold the camera at chest level, and shoot using your camera’s tilting LCD in Live View mode.



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