Kickstarter Campaign: our pick for July’s best photo project

Photo book by Paccarik Orue

Each month we’ll be featuring our favourite new photo project from Kickstarter that we find inspirational. This month we’ve chosen an photo book from Paccarik Orue, which aims to raise $4,900 in order to go ahead.

There Is Nothing Beautiful Around Here’ is the poignant name of the photo book that Orue is hoping to create. The book will show the city of Richmond, California, which is known as an area that suffers from high levels of crime. Orue says, “The book depicts unexpected moments in a place where people have come to expect only ugliness and suffering.”

Photo book by Paccarik Orue

Orue is looking for crowd-sourced donations via Kickstarter, and judging by the images on his page there, the content of the photo book looks promising. The photographs portray images of understated beauty in a somewhat destitute area, providing an optimistic feel to his work.

Take a look at his project and video on Kickstarter to find out more.

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