4 ways gaffer tape can save your photography

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    4 ways duct tape can save your photography

    Gaffer tape? For photographers? Well, yes, actually…

    A supply of strong, waterproof gaffer tape is an essential component of any photographic first-aid kit.

    Wrapping a generous length or two around your tripod’s legs means you’ll always have some of this magic sticky stuff with you when you’re in the field.

    Below are four ways in which we’ve used gaffer tape to save a shoot when all else failed.







    4 ways duct tape can save your phtoography: long exposures

    1. Eye eye!
    Light can streak through the viewfinder during long exposures, especially at night. A small square of gaffer tape over the viewfinder is the easiest remedy.

    4 ways duct tape can save your phtoography: wireless remotes

    2. Remote control

    Tethered remotes can flap around. Cut the risk of movement during a long exposure – or losing the remote – by taping the excess cable to the tripod (find out how to use a tripod the right way).

    4 ways duct tape can save your phtoography: beanbag repair

    3. Beanbag repair

    If you’re in the middle of nowhere and tear your beanbag, the quickest and easiest way to plug the tear is to use gaffer tape. A cross shape works best.

    4 ways duct tape can save your phtoography: replace your tripod plate

    4. First base
    Losing a tripod base-plate is a frustrating experience when you’re out in the sticks, but you can carry on shooting by carefully taping the camera to the tripod head!


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