49 awesome photography tips and time savers

49 awesome photography tips and time savers

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49 photography tips and time savers: watch the weather

31 Watch the weather
From deciding whether it’s worth going at all, to thinking about what to wear and what gear to take, any outdoor photography shoot is dependent on the weather. 
So get used to checking the forecast before you go out, but don’t necessarily wait for bright sunshine and clear blue skies, as some of the most photogenic and dramatic lighting often comes before or after stormy, unsettled weather.

32 Think time and tide
If you are shooting near the coast, it’s always worth checking the tides, for both the best time to photograph the sea and also for your safety if you want to venture onto the shore.

There are plenty of online resources, such as the Weather section of www.bbc.co.uk, which will give you the tide times for the next five days or so. It’s important to protect your gear when shooting at coastal locations too;  grains of sand can ruin the expensive mechanisms inside a camera, and sea water won’t do them much good either.

49 photography tips and time savers: perfect your background 49 photography tips and time savers: perfect your background

33 Do some ‘gardening’
Attention to detail can make the difference between a good shot and a great one. So along with taking the time to find the right composition, don’t forget that when possible you can also move, or even remove, distracting elements in some situations.

The classic example is when shooting macro or close-up shots, where tidying up any stray or dead foliage from the subject before you take the shot can transform an image from good to great.

But remember that taking pictures doesn’t give you carte blanche to damage anything. Be very careful not to disturb wild flowers too, as accidentally damaging a rare species can land you in hot water. Leave the photo scene just as you found it.

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