34 great street football photos from around the world

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    In honour of UEFA Euro 2012 we’ve put together a selection of our favourite street football photos, which demonstrate peoples’ passion for the game worldwide. These pictures just go to show that you don’t need to be at a football match to be in the thick of action!

    However if you’re interested in shooting on the pitch rather than off it, take a look at our 10 tips for taking striking (see what we did there!?) soccer/football pictures. Our free action photography cheat sheet also provides you with great tips and advice to help you get the best action shots.

    Joga Bonito by Guillame Megevand

    Joga Bonito © Guillame Megevand

    Futbolista by Maximo Gaia

    Futbolista © Maximo Gaia

    Beach Soccer by Greg Mignard

    Beach Soccer © Greg Mignard

    Futebol de Praia by Isac Goulart

    Futebol de Praia © Isac Goulart

    Street Soccer by Laurence Penne

    Street Soccer © Laurence Penne

    Beachball by Black Negative

    Beachball © Black Negative

    Goaaaall…!! by Aprison Aprison

    Goaaaall…!! © Aprison Aprison

    Templehof Futball by Martin Gruttadauria

    Templehof Futball © Martin Gruttadauria

    Beach Football 2 by Antonio Azevedo

    Beach Football 2 © Antonio Azevedo

    Lovin’ it!! by Daniel Lewis

    Lovin’ it!! © Daniel Lewis

    Futbol Argentino by Nicolas Zonvi

    Futbol Argentino © Nicolas Zonvi

    Socc’air by Frederic Baque

    Socc’air © Frederic Baque

    Street Football by Paul Lanigan

    Street Football © Paul Lanigan

    Our Village Soccer Emperor by Seo Doo Ill

    Our Village Soccer Emperor © Seo Doo Ill

    Rough and Tumble by Anil Tamer Yilmaz

    Rough and Tumble © Anil Tamer Yilmaz

    Soccer Silhouettes by Anthon Jackson

    Soccer Silhouettes © Anthon Jackson

    Football by Frank Knaack

    Football © Frank Knaack

    Joga Bonito bis by Guillaume Megevand

    Joga Bonito bis © Guillaume Megevand

    Brace goals! by Seo Doo Ill

    Brace goals! © Seo Doo Ill

    Play the Game by Satyaki Bhattacharyya

    Play the Game © Satyaki Bhattacharyya


    Be Higher by Vladimir Levin

    Be Higher © Vladimir Levin

    Football by Maciej Jawornicki

    Football © Maciej Jawornicki

    Beach Football by Antonio Azevedo

    Beach Football © Antonio Azevedo

    Take Chase by Anthony Schwab

    Take Chase © Anthony Schwab

    Untitled by Marina Mitrovich

    Untitled © Marina Mitrovich

    Marble Arch Subway by David Solomons

    Marble Arch Subway © David Solomons

    Michael Shroyer by Battling for Position

    Battling for Position © Michael Shroyer

    Beach Soccer by Tim Snell

    Beach Soccer © Tim Snell


    Lady and the Football by Sebastian Kwiatek

    Lady and the Football © Sebastian Kwiatek

    Let’s Dance 1 by mBug Nguyen

    Let’s Dance 1 © mBug Nguyen

    Evening Game by Anton Chekalin

    Evening Game © Anton Chekalin

    Soccer by Silver Marge

    Soccer © Silver Marge

    Penalty Road by Shai Aharoni

    Penalty Road © Shai Aharoni

    Vice by Ben Evans

    Vice © Ben Evans (If you are in Spain, Ben runs a photography course in Barcelona)


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