Lytro’s living pictures move to Twitter’s expanded Tweets


Yesterday Lytro – the company that produces the revolutionary light field camera – announced that they’ve parted with Twitter to use expanded Tweets. This means that not only can you post Lytro ‘living’ pictures to Twitter, but they are now also fully interactive via your Twitter feed on the web and on mobile devices, whether you have Android or iPhone.

Can’t see this feature just yet? Don’t worry as they only starting rolling it out yesterday on When the roll out is complete, clicking ‘View Media’ will enable you to play with Lytro’s interactive images directly in your Twitter feed as opposed to Lytro’s photo sharing site as has been the case up to now. It’s a great step for Lytro and demonstrates another step toward the full integration of the photographic industry with the online and mobile sphere.

Follow @lytro on Twitter if you want a feed of interactive images from Lytro on a daily basis – they’ll even retweet your pictures if they like them.

Source: Lytro