From sunrise to sunset: 32 fantastic photographs

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    Sunset or sunrise can create some of the most spectacular skies, giving fantastic opportunities for landscape photography. Make the most of any early morning mist that rolls in when photographing sunrise, while sunset tends to offer the best opportunities to capture silhouettes.

    These images are some of our favourite photographs of sunrises and sunsets. If you’re inspired by these and itching to get started, read our tutorial on sunset photography.

    In the meantime, enjoy!

    Salisbury Cathedral - Andreas Jones

    Salisbury Cathedral © Andreas Jones

    Hot Frosty Buzz - Miles Morgan

    Hot Frosty Buzz © Miles Morgan

    The mist of the sea - Minseung Ahn

    The mist of the sea © Minseung Ahn

    Sunrise in the Dolomites - Daniel Rericha

    Sunrise in the Dolomites © Daniel Rericha

    Postcard from Punta Torre - Tonio Di Stefano

    Postcard from Punta Torre © Tonio Di Stefano

    Red Canyon - Marc Adamus

    Red Canyon © Marc Adamus

    Dutch Sunrise - Sander van der Werf

    Dutch Sunrise © Sander van der Werf

    Amazing Sunrise - Glen Unsworth

    Amazing Sunrise © Glen Unsworth

    Poppies at Sunset - Albena Markova

    Poppies at Sunset © Albena Markova

    Sunrise Morning - Jeremy Cram

    Sunrise Morning © Jeremy Cram

    Alpine Sunrise - Gary Randall

    Alpine Sunrise © Gary Randall

    Rophaien - Tobias Richter

    Rophaien © Tobias Richter

    Birds - Antonio Leao

    Birds © Antonio Leao

    Sunset at Sea - Mario Moreno

    Sunset at Sea © Mario Moreno

    Sunset and Fishermen - Omur Kahveci

    Sunset and Fishermen © Omur Kahveci

    Opera House Inferno - Stanley Kozak

    Opera House Inferno © Stanley Kozak

    Pier into the Deep II - Andreas Jones

    Pier into the Deep II © Andreas Jones

    Mesa Arch Sunrise - Steve Perry

    Mesa Arch Sunrise © Steve Perry

    10 minutes later - Alan Chan

    10 minutes later © Alan Chan

    34th Street and Madison - Emanuel Hult

    34th Street and Madison © Emanuel Hult

    Ice and Glow - Javier Acosta

    Ice and Glow © Javier Acosta

    Dandelion Sunrise - David Mould

    Dandelion Sunrise © David Mould

    Winter Tones II - Ron Perkins

    Winter Tones II © Ron Perkins

    Bosque Sunrise - Dave Williams

    Bosque Sunrise © Dave Williams

    Wild Goose Island, Jason Persun

    Wild Goose Island © Jason Persun

    Sunrise at Manarola - Mario Spalla

    Sunrise at Manarola © Mario Spalla

    River of Light - Alex Noriega

    River of Light © Alex Noriega

    Mount Merapi Sunrise - Daniel Cheong

    Mount Merapi Sunrise © Daniel Cheong

    Morning Lights and Colours - Csilla Zelko

    Morning Lights and Colours © Csilla Zelko

    Ibantik Lake - Bill Church

    Ibantik Lake © Bill Church

    Bright Day - Ekaterina Elizarova

    Bright Day © Ekaterina Elizarova

    Antelope Island Sunset - Adam Barker

    Antelope Island Sunset © Adam Barker

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