33 myths of the professional photographer

33 myths of the professional photographer

The truth behind being a professional photographer

Myth 23 – People can’t wait to read your blog

A blog is not going to make you a renowned photographer overnight and it will take clever posts to get a loyal following. However, Google loves new content and blogs help Search Engine Optimisation, so it is an essential part of a professional photographer’s daily life.

Myth 24 – All professionals have assistants to carry equipment

An assistant is extremely helpful but on a portrait shoot it is me, myself and I. Photography is a physically demanding job and lugging equipment about can be exhausting. Do not underestimate the toll this job can have on your back.

Myth 25 – Photographers can choose their own hours

Professional photography particular portraits and wedding involves working unsociable hours. I am often working evening and weekends, meeting clients and photographing them.

Myth 26 – All photographers are psychic

Clients believe we know exactly what they mean when they say, “We want something different,” without offering any further explanation. But we are human and can only interpret what you want from the things you say.

Myth 27 – Photographers don’t need to know about lighting; they just wing it

Light is key to every image and knowing how to set up a shot is critical to a photograph’s success. If a photographer blames a bad shot on the light they are not a professional in my eyes.

Myth 28 – Every shot you take should be in your portfolio

A professional understands the art of editing. Most photographers do a lot of work that are not going to ultimately end up in the portfolio. It is simply a part of what we do. Remember, quality over quantity.

Myth 29 – There is too much competition

Yes the photographic industry is competitive, but look at it this way, if there is that much competition, there must be work to go after. Top professional photographers find their niche and stick to what they do best. I cannot think of a single career choice worth doing that doesn’t have competition. Can you?

Myths of the professional photographer revealed

Myth 30 – Professional photographers take pictures every day

Of course, except for those days when you are editing, packing, unpacking, designing, travelling, scouting, cold-calling future clients, marketing, working on the portfolio, updating your website, sorting through receipts, finding locations, bidding for props and equipment, handling accounts, going to meetings, returning calls and emails and marketing.

Myth 31 – Your artistic eye will always be appreciated by the client

Most of my clients have no idea what a good photograph actually looks like. The fact is most domestic clients will prefer a photograph of granny smiling to an artistic composition setting the scene any day. Of course there will always be exceptions to the rule.

Myth 32 – Being your own boss is great fun

Of course there are perks, but being self-employed involves being your own slave driver. I work instead of watching my favourite programmes, take my camera with me everywhere just in case I see a shot, network when I am socialising because it is all about whom you know etc.

Photography is a demanding job and it takes discipline, self-motivation, perseverance and sheer courage to do it professionally.

Myth 33 – Professional photographers lose their love of photography

I work on average 60 hours a week but for me picking up the camera makes all the hard work worth every minute because I love my job.  I believe most professional photographers will continue their love affair with photography if they follow their true passionate and find a niche

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