33 myths of the professional photographer

33 myths of the professional photographer

The true life of the professional photographer revealed

Myth 12 – Photography is a glamorous job

Just like any other job, photographers have to undertake all the same mundane office tasks – unless of course you are Rankin or Mario Testino and can afford to pay someone to do them for you!

Myth 13 – Your images sell your services

Photography is a competitive industry. Amazing images alone are not enough to get you noticed, but hard work and determination combined will help you in the right direction.

Myth 14 – Size matters

It’s not the size of your lens or camera that matters; it’s how you use it. People get caught up in the latest figures, but without a solid knowledge of how and why your equipment works, it doesn’t matter what you have. What’s more, look at some of the most acclaimed images in history? How many were taken with the most expensive equipment on the market?

Myth 15 – A professional can photograph everything

Most photographers specialize and become great in one subject if they focus their vision and skills. The saying “A jack of all trades is a master of none” stands true.

Myth 16- Photography is easy money

Those with this mind-set are in and out of the industry very quickly. Most photographers survive because they love photography. It’s a tough industry but if you love your job you will make it work.

Myth 17 – Being a professional photographer is all about being able to take great photographs

Many people can take visually stunning photographs but a professional can also deliver quickly, handle expectations and understand the preparation and execution to get the job in the bag.

Myth 18 – If you buy a better or the latest camera you will, of course, be as good as those top photographers

The reality is you won’t be. Master the equipment you already own before you move on to the next camera or lens. Don’t fall into the trap of blaming bad photography on your equipment.

Be grateful for what you have and hone your knowledge and skills (to learn more about your camera, see our guide to Digital Cameras: what the manual doesn’t teach you)

What it's really like as a professional photographer

Myth 19 – If I tell people I’m a professional then I automatically am

Professionalism is about the way you conduct business and handle clients as well as the images you produce.

Myth 20 – Photography is a growing industry

The industry is growing and every one is a photographer in his or her own right but it is not a service that is in demand. A true professional differentiates himself or herself from the average Joe and offers an experience from beginning to end, as well as beautiful photographs.

Myth 21 – Price means quality but not always

Many photographers new to the industry believe they need to charge the same amount as already established pro’s to prove their worth. However, they don’t have the portfolio or experience to support this decision and then wonder why they are not getting any clients. Ensure your prices reflect your quality, but don’t expect miracles overnight.

Myth 22 – Professionals don’t go on other photographers’ workshops

I know many full-time photographers who still attend seminars and workshops. No one is an expert in all areas and the key to making your business a success is to keep training and developing as a photographer and businessperson.

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