31 impressive photographs of star trails

Forsaken Lincoln Harrison

Photographing star trails involves one of the trickiest photography techniques to master. If you want to give it a go, we have just the tutorial you need to get you started with your star trail photography (or alternatively, here’s how to fake star trails in Photoshop)!

In the meantime, take a look at these incredible captures of star trails.

Trillium Trails, Nagesh Mahadev

Trillium Trails © Nagesh Mahadev

The Time Traveler, Stephen Oachs

The Time Traveler © Stephen Oachs

Star Light, Star Bright, Kevin L Cole

Star Light, Star Bright © Kevin L Cole

The Lake, Caras Ionut

The Lake © Caras Ionut

Forsaken Lincoln Harrison

Forsaken © Lincoln Harrison

Bromo before sunrise, Weerapong Chaipuck

Bromo Before Sunrise © Weerapong Chaipuck

Startrails, Gytis Vidziunas

Startrails © Gytis Vidziunas

Night Lights, Gary Randall

Night Lights © Gary Randall

Thanks Heaven, Andrew Whyte

Thanks Heaven © Andrew Whyte

Camp Trails, Bill Church

Camp Trails © Bill Church

Stars, Song Hongxiao

Stars © Song Hongxiao

Sky Vandalism, Steven Christenson

Sky Vandalism © Steven Christenson

Alexander Drakon

© Alexander Drakon

Sleeping Giants, Jack Fusco

Sleeping Giants © Jack Fusco

With The Stars, Koveh Tavakkol

With The Stars © Koveh Tavakkol

Tufa Trails, Dan Barr

Tufa Trails © Dan Barr

The Point Reyes, Bill Church

The Point Reyes © Bill Church

The Celestial Equator, Luis Argerich

The Celestial Equator © Luis Argerich

Spun, Dani Lefrancois

Spun © Dani Lefrancois

Silent Night Pt 2, Zach Bright

Silent Night Pt 2 © Zach Bright

Railroad to the Galaxies, Ryan Wright

Railroad to the Galaxies © Ryan Wright

Alpine Rotation, Gary Randall

Alpine Rotation © Gary Randall

66 Minute Star Trails, Steve MacKay

66 Minute Star Trails © Steve MacKay

Mono Lake Star Trails, Jim Goldstein

Mono Lake Star Trails © Jim Goldstein

Imagination, Stephen Oachs

Imagination © Stephen Oachs

Live Endlessly, Jack Fusco

Live Endlessly © Jack Fusco

Imnaha Nights, Ben Canales

Imnaha Nights © Ben Canales

Hurry By, Andy Astbury

Hurry By © Andy Astbury

Coyote Gulch Star Trails, Bill Church

Coyote Gulch Star Trails © Bill Church

Circling The Dead, Marsel van Oosten

Circling The Dead © Marsel van Oosten

Abandoned, Caras Ionut

Abandoned © Caras Ionut


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