How to shoot with the Canon Creative Auto mode

How to use Canon Creative Auto mode

Canon’s Creative Auto mode has been introduced to help beginners achieve good results without having to learn all of their Canon camera’s functions. The Canon Creative Auto mode (CA) is similar to Full Auto mode, but offers some control over image brightness, depth of field, Picture Style setting and Drive mode.

You can select depth of field and image brightness using sliders and the camera automatically sets the exposure settings and ISO.
Guided shooting modes like Canon’s Creative Auto are very user-friendly. Below we show you how it works.

Canon’s Creative Auto mode explained

How to shoot with Canon Creative Auto mode - Step 1

Step 1: Select Creative Auto
Set the camera’s Mode dial to CA. This brings up the Creative Auto screen on your camera’s LCD screen. Now press the Multi Controller straight down to access and scroll through the functions. This menu remains active for ten seconds.

How to shoot with Canon Creative Auto mode - Step 2

Step 2: Adjust the settings
Use the Quick Control dial to change the setting for each of the functions. Moving the Background slider to the left (Blurred) will reduce depth of field, moving it to the right (Sharp) will bring the background into focus by increasing depth of field.

How to shoot with Canon Creative Auto mode - Step 3

Step 3: Further adjustments
Use the Exposure slider to darken or brighten the image. Select Picture Style P to shoot portraits, L for landscapes and M for monochrome. You can also set the image quality and Drive mode. Press the Multi Controller to confirm the settings and shoot.


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