Best of British: 22 of the most famous photographers from Great Britain

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    Norman Parkinson

    1913 – 1990

    Norman Parkinson began his photographic career in 1931. During World War II he served as a reconnaissance photographer for the Royal Air Force, and after that went on to do fashion and portrait photographer for Vogue until 1960. He in fact revolutionized British fashion photography during the 1940s by shooting models in an outdoor environment as opposed to the more tried and tested studio. Parkinson always described himself as a craftsman and not an artist.

    Norman Parkinson

    © Norman Parkinson

    Philip Jones Griffiths

    1936 – 2008

    Philip Jones Griffiths was a Welsh photographer best known for his groundbreaking photojournalism documenting the Vietnam War for Magnum. The resulting images were not readily accepted by American magazines as they depicted the suffering of the Vietnamese people. Eventually his photography had a dramatic impact on the perception of the war in Vietnam both in the US and elsewhere in the world. Ultimately, his work made him one of the most influential photojournalists ever.

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    Philip Jones Griffiths

    © Philip Jones Griffiths

    Roger Fenton

    1819 – 1869

    Roger Fenton was a true pioneer in photography and photojournalism and one of the first ever war photographers. He became famous for photographing the Crimean War.

    Roger Fenton

    © Roger Fenton

    Sarah Moon

    Sarah Moon is a fashion photographer whose work has appeared in French Elle and Italian Vogue. She has also collaborated with high profile clients such as Chanel.

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    Sarah Moon

    © Sarah Moon


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