Best of British: 22 of the most famous photographers from Great Britain

Queen Elizabeth II, Cecil Beaton

David Bailey

© David Bailey

David Loftus

David Loftus is a food photographer who has shot for celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Martha Stewart, and Heston Blumental. So far he has photographed five of Jamie Oliver’s recipe books.

David Loftus

© David Loftus

Don McCullin


Born in 1935, Don McCullin is an internationally renowned photojournalist famous for his work documenting urban strife and war zones. He has notably covered the conflict in Northern Ireland, the Suez Crisis, the Vietnam War, the Nigerian Civil War, and the 1964 war in Cyprus (for which he won an award).

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Don McCullin

© Don McCullin

Jane Bown

1925 –

Jane Bown has spent her photographic career working for The Observer (since 1949). As a portrait photographer for famous people, she shoots mainly in black and white and has photographed a diverse range of celebrities including Queen Elizabeth II (on her 80th birthday), Orson Welles, Woody Allen, John Lennon, Richard Nixon, Bjork, and Margaret Thatcher amongst others.

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Jane Brown

© Jane Brown

John Rankin Waddell

1966 –

Rankin has photographed high-profile celebrities including Britney Spears, Kate Moss, Kylie Minogue, Madonna, David Bowie, Bjork, The Rolling Stones, Vivienne Westwood, Tony Blair, Prince William and Queen Elizabeth II amongst others. He has also worked on some very high-profile advertising campaigns including Nike, Rimmel, Hugo Boss, and others.


© Rankin


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    How can you miss Larry Burrows, Brian Duffy, Lewis Morley….

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