Common mistakes at every shutter speed (and the best settings you should use)

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    Creative Blur – 1/15sec to 1sec

    Common shutter speed problems: overexposure

    At slow shutter speeds, it’s easy for areas subject to large amounts of movement, such as the sea, to create over-

    Take a test shot at the suggested settings and take a look at the histogram (or highlight warning) display to make sure the highlights are correctly exposed.

    Suggested shutter speeds for blurred motion

    • Fast-flowing waterfall: 1/8sec
    • People walking close to the camera, or waves and slow-moving water: 1/4 sec

    What you can do
    In bright conditions you may find it difficult to get your shutter speed below 1/8 sec, even using the smallest aperture and lowest ISO settings.

    Fitting a polariser onto the front of your lens is a great way of reducing the amount of light reaching the sensor, allowing you to reduce the shutter speed by half or more.

    PAGE 1: 1/250sec and faster
    PAGE 2: 1/15sec to 1/250sec
    PAGE 3: 1/15sec to 1sec
    PAGE 4: 1sec to 30secs
    PAGE 5: 30secs or longer


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