Gallery: Detroit Liquor Stores by Jon de Boer


Jon de Boer’s Flickr set ‘Detroit Liquor Stores‘ caught our eye. Run-down liquor stores at night are not something that instantly leaps to mind when thinking of a subject to photograph, yet these images are intriguing – they represent something of the culture of the area, and as a collective set they become fascinating to look at. Jon was inspired to shoot the buildings as he was intrigued by the unique signage of the local businesses.

Jon had this to say about the set:

“My Detroit liquor store series began like many of my photography projects: by just being outside observing and shooting. However, I can remember being intrigued by the unique hand-painted signage of the various local businesses in Detroit, and being especially fascinated with the neon glow of the liquor stores long before I began photographing them. I think part of this fascination comes from my graphic design background and my interests in different forms of typography and signage. Night photography remains one of my favorite aspects of photography even though I spend more time shooting in the afternoon these days. The glow of neon and various street lighting contrasted with the surrounding darkness has a really strong visual impact to me, and I like to convey that through my photos. The liquor store series began with the “Fried Chicken Pizza” photo in 2010. It was one of those instances when I happened to drive by something, and instantly knew I had to photograph it. After that first image, I got the idea to begin a set on liquor stores in the Detroit area at night, and it is still an ongoing series that I hope to continue to build on.”

View more of Jon’s photography.


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