73 photo locations to shoot before you die

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    World's best photo locations: Namib desertImage courtesy of Shutterstock

    Namib Desert, Namibia
    This vast, coastal desert spanning three countries is home to more endemic species than anywhere else on earth and is also one of the most uninhabited places on Earth.

    The Great Pyramids, Giza, Egypt
    OK, so it may sound cliché to suggest the Pyramids, but until you’ve seen them in person and realised one brick is bigger than you, you’ve underestimated them. And you don’t have to take the classic postcard shot. Part of the fun here is finding a new way to interpret their grandeur.

    Marrakech, Morrocco
    Despite being one of the most photographed cities in the world, there is always something new to photograph here, whether it’s a street market or the interior of an opulent café. Heart set on Morocco? Lonely Planet’s Morocco country guide might come in handy.

    World's best photo locations: Maasai Mara, KenyaImage courtesy of Shutterstock

    Maasai Mara, Kenya
    This National Reserve has made the careers of some wildlife photographers, and is generally known for its big cats and hosting zebra migrations – which, you might expect, often come into conflict. Even if wildlife photography isn’t your bag, this should be another stop at the top of your bucket list.

    Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
    Located on the Zambezi River between Zimbabwe and Zambia, the Falls’ single vertical drop at 1708 metres wide is a sight to behold… and photograph at 1/20sec.

    The Danakil Desert, Ethiopia
    You’ll love: the colours and contour of this extremely unusual landscape that lies below sea level. You’ll hate: the extreme heat and inhospitality!

    World's best photo locations: Omo, EthiopiaImage courtesy of Shutterstock

    Omo, Ethiopia
    Another World Heritage Site, this river has cuts through stunning scenery and has been at the crossroads of human migration for thousands of years.

    If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of East Africa, take a look at Lonely Planet’s country guide to East Africa.

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