73 photo locations to shoot before you die

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    Białowieża Forest, Poland

    This World Heritage Site, which straddles the border between Poland and Belarus, has been under royal protection for centuries and is incredibly well-preserved. Home to Europe’s heaviest land animals and ancient oaks, this primeval woodland should top your photography bucket list.

    World's best photo locations: Toledo, SpainImage courtesy of Shutterstock

    Toledo, Spain

    Another World Heritage Site, this former capital of the Spanish empire is like stepping back into time. The old city is located on a mountain top with a 150-degree view, so be sure to bring your wideangle lenses.

    Black Forest, Germany
    This dense forest in southwestern Germany gets its name from its conifers, which can block out the light completely. The Triberg Waterfalls are a must-stop for any photographer visiting the forest.

    World's best photo locations: Cinque TerreImage courtesy of Shutterstock

    Cinque Terre, Italy

    This rugged coastline along the Italian Riviera used to cost photographers a small fortune in film, as it’s impossible to not take a picture every second step as you hike the goat paths between villages. Tip: try the local dessert wine, Sciacchetra, and see how it gives your pictures a creative edge!

    World's best photo locations: Brittany's pink granite coast

    Côte de granit rose, France
    This stunning coastline in Brittany offers 30 miles of pink granite rock formations and equally pink sand. It’s a landscape photographer’s dream, and can only be found in two other locations in the world: China and Corsica.

    Dolomites, Italy
    Despite being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this northeastern Italian mountain range sometimes gets forgotten behind Italy’s plethora of beautiful photo locations.

    San Sebastian, Spain
    This coastal city on the Bay of Biscay has your pristine beaches and gorgeous coastlines, but it also offers a bustling urban sprawl that is great for street photography.

    World's best photo locations: Bled, SloveniaImage courtesy of Shutterstock

    Bled, Slovenia
    Tourists flock to this sleepy mountain community situated along a glacial lake that shares its name. A haven for landscape photographer, be sure to capture the views from the castle overlooking the lake, as well as take the wooden row barge out to the old church on the island in the middle of the lake.

    Aran Islands, Ireland
    On the west side of Ireland in Galway Bay, the Aran Islands draw hordes of visitors to their many Iron Age forts and unusual mix of Arctic, Mediterranean and Alpine flora.

    World's best photo locations: Dingle PeninsulaImage courtesy of Shutterstock

    Dingle Peninsula, Ireland
    This band of sandstone hosts the quaint town of Dingle, which is overlooked by the 951-metre-high Mount Brandon, offering unparalleled views over the peninsula and beyond.

    What more do we need to say about this fascinating island that its hot springs, volcanoes and hills don’t already.

    World's best photo locations: Norway's fjordsImage courtesy of Shutterstock

    Norway fjords
    These mystical waterways are teeming with wildlife and stunning views that will make landscape photographers beg for another Ice Age.

    Image courtesy of Shutterstock

    Tromsø, Norway
    A great base for shooting the Northern Lights, which everyone must do before they die.

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