112-megapixel camera captures starry skies during the day

    | News | 18/05/2012 10:57am

    Spectral Instruments 1110 series camera is capable of capturing starry skies during the day

    An Arizona company has launched a super high-resolution digital camera that is capable of photographing a starry sky in the middle of the day.

    The 1110 series from Spectral Instruments boasts a 112-megapixel CCD sensor measuring 95 x 95mm, which are extremely light sensitive and can take exposures lasting hours without recording any noise.

    The company says its 1110 series cameras have a dynamic range so big that they can photograph both the sun and the stars during broad daylight.

    Gizmodo reports that while typically Spectral Instruments cameras are sent into orbit, the company is aiming to develop a more gravity-friendly version of the camera for Earth-bound photographers.

    Gizmodo writes: “They want to see what a professional would do with something like this applied to normal subjects, but they need to know first if there’s any interest among you, the people. That’s why they have asked us to pass the word around.”

    The cost of developing the sensor alone is said to be $100,000.

    Via Gizmodo, Spectral Instruments


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