Amazing photographs of mountain lake reflections

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    This week’s photography gallery is all about reflection and symmetry. Mountains and lakes often go together and never fail to make fantastic subjects for landscape photographers. One of the most appealing things about photographing mountains beside lakes is that they can cast fantastic reflections. When shooting, try using a ND graduated filter of about 2 stops to enhance the reflections in the lake. For more on using ND grad filters, read ND grad filters: What every photographer should know.

    The examples below all make the most of the symmetry of the reflections and often abstract the mountain range into shapes and flowing lines against the sky and water.

    Tranquility © Marc Adamus

    The Twin © Cheung Law

    The Bow © Viktoria Haack

    The Blue Awakening © Xavier Jamonet

    Strength of Conviction © Jim Patterson

    Sparks Lake Sunrise © Massimo Squallice

    Rush Lake 4694m © Atif Saeed

    Race for Reflections © Miles Morgan

    Pure Serenity © JC Shamrock

    Pic du Midi d’Ossau © Jordi Sole Joval

    Perfect Morning © Len Saltiel

    Mt. Rundle Sunrise © Peter J

    Mount Rainer and Reflection Lakes © Michael Russell

    Magestic © Jorge Maia

    Little Lakes Valley © Jordan Ek

    Lake Reflection © Teryn Wilkes

    Kalum Lake – Golden Winter Sunset © Evan Spellman

    Just another Autumn Day in the Cascades © Michael Riffle

    Jewel of Oregon © Ben Canales

    In the Land of the Dragons © Mary Kay

    Hoar Frost, Grasmere © Wolfy

    Heavenly Reflection © AtomicZen

    First Light at Two Jack Lake © Jeff Clow

    Fire and Ice © Richard Bernabe

    Fall at Mount Shuksan © Michael Russell

    Estany Balu de Siguer © Jordi Sole Joval

    Day Comes © Jim Dollar

    Colourful Dreaming © Michael Breitung

    Bow Lake Sunrise © Jason Fris

    Battle of the Suns © Roberto Bertero

    Balloon Flight Over the Dolomites © Franco Mottironi

    A Wind Swept Reflection © Jeff Jacobson

    1,000 Words Are Not Enough © Aaron Reed


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