Modern architectural photography from Johannes Heuckeroth


Johannes is an architectural and urban photographer based in Germany. Through his photography he is able to draw the viewers’ attention to the curves and lines of modern architecture, forcing people to view these buildings from a unique perspective. He says, “I became interested in photography originally because I wanted to capture how the world looks.  Later I wanted to show other people how I see the world; to share my vision and my perspective.

“I photograph architecture because its something beautiful. Architecture can be very aesthetic, and thats what I like. For me its very easy doing architectural photography: the building is just there waiting for you. You just have to go and capture it.”

Johannes shoots with a Canon 5D Mark II and edits his photography in Lightroom and Photoshop.

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Take a look at Johannes’ portfolio for more of his stunning architectural and landscape photography. If you like his work why not ‘Like’ him on Facebook.


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