The world’s most unique cameras you never knew existed


KNAPPA Cardboard Digital Camera

Swedish furniture giant Ikea have now produced their own digital camera, KNAPPA. What makes it different is that it’s made of cardboard.

Holding only 40 2.3-megapixel images and powered by two AA batteries the camera is clearly not designed to make waves in the digital camera market but to promote Ikea’s new PS 2012 furniture collection.

As KNAPPA is also recyclable it could be the most environmentally friendly camera you’ll ever find!

Trashcam Project

What do you get when you combine a group of garbage men with a love for photography? Apparently you get Trashcam Project, a project that has turned large bins/dumpsters into giant pinhole cameras.

Small holes are drilled into the fronts of the bins and then large sheets of photo paper are hung inside. Exposing the shot can take up an hour. Let’s hope that the trash that accumulates in that time doesn’t spoil the view!

Trashcam Project has a Flickr profile, so you can take a look at the results from the project.


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