The world’s most unique cameras you never knew existed



Rotobooth is another concept camera that dares to be completely and utterly different. Rotobooth is, as you might have already gauged from the name, a rotary telephone crossed with a photo booth. (Did you guess that?)

It was born from Photo Hack Day 2, the largest photo hackathon in the world held in New York City by Aviary and General Assembly. It’s certainly a unique device.

You control the camera to take a photo by dialling ‘0’ on the embedded rotary telephone and the image is automatically uploaded to Flickr. If you dial your mobile number, the photo booth will take five photos and send the links to you via text message.

It’s an interesting concept, but the flaw here is if someone using the booth dials your mobile number your phone could be bombed with drunken images from Rotobooth, which could take the appeal of the device away quite quickly.


Stamp.y is a concept digital camera that doubles up as a rubber stamp. Interesting, different and fun, but probably not very practical.

According to the instructions offered by Stamp.y, once you’ve taken the picture you take the LCD off the camera, dab it in the inkpad that comes with Stamp.y, then stamp the picture onto whatever you like – it could even make a nice temporary tattoo until you take a shower.


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