The world’s most unique cameras you never knew existed



Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera is a concept camera designed (as the name suggests) like a ball. Throwing the ball up in the air will take a 360-degree panorama.

But just think about that for a moment… how does the camera ball know at what point when it has been hurled into the air to take the picture? The device includes an accelerometer that calculates the apogee (when the device is stationary at the top of the arc) and tells it when it should capture the scene.

It then takes a 360 degree panorama via the 36 fixed-focus mobile phone camera sensors placed around the outside of the ball. That is impressive technology from a simple looking ball.

Watch this video to see it in action.

Flee Digital Camera

Flee is an amazing concept device that combines a digital camera and a Bluetooth mobile phone receiver. When you throw Flee away, it takes photos and then sends them back to your mobile phone using the Bluetooth signal. Flee’s tail is designed to keep it properly oriented when it’s in the air.

There’s no doubt that this is a fantastic concept device, and it would be especially beneficial to people like me who are not blessed with height and who have often had difficulty taking pictures at gigs – we would never have to reach above the heads of tall people again.


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