The world’s most unique cameras you never knew existed

    | News | 06/05/2012 08:00am

    Gun Shaped Digital Camera

    This digital camera is anything but tasteful and gives a whole new meaning to shooting yourself. Designed by Franzisk Dierschke, this camera was fortunately just a concept.

    Kill Shot

    This rifle camera continues with the ‘shooting’ pictures theme, but has a more interesting concept behind it.

    Kill Shot is designed with hunters in mind; it looks like a rifle and even includes a scope with crosshairs as the viewfinder to encourage hunters to shoot photos instead of bullets.

    The project is currently being run via Kickstarter.

    Periscope shaped DSLR Camera

    We’ve seen cameras come in all different shapes and sizes, and now here’s one designed by Yaniv Berg that is shaped like a periscope.

    The designer took inspiration from old reflex cameras and created the camera to match the pose one would take when using a reflex camera. Turning the camera turns the interface to display mode.

    It would certainly be good undercover device for say taking a subtle picture of someone when you are hiding underneath a table.


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