The world’s most unique cameras you never knew existed



If you haven’t heard of Lytro yet, you must have been living in deepest Antarctica. The Lytro is a unique camera that has captured the interest of the photography industry world-over. Lytro is bringing light field photography to the consumer market, making this remarkable technology accessible to the masses. One of the coolest things about this kind of photography is that you will be able to refocus on a different area of the image after it has been taken.


Ubi-Camera will possibly feel like the most natural way to take a photograph and could be the easiest camera ever to use.

You must have done it a thousand times before; make a viewfinder with your fingers and hold it to your eye to frame the scene, except with Ubi-Camera you actually will be taking a picture by doing this.

Make no mistake; this is an incredible feat of technology, although it might not be loaded with buttons, settings and accessories.

It works using gesture control and looks very intuitive to use. Moving the ‘viewfinder’ (your fingers making a frame, with your index finger inserted into the little box, which is the camera) nearer to your face will take wide-angle shots, and moving it further away will (logically) take close ups. (If you want to see Ubi-Camera in action, watch this video.)

It’s still just a concept camera, and is only in use in the lab, but it is an intriguing concept and refreshing to see such a different product in an all but saturated marketplace.

To learn more about your DSLR’s viewfinder, we’ve got just the guide you need.


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