The world’s most unique cameras you never knew existed



Touchy is a very unique camera with a very unique purpose. It was built with people who suffer from social anxiety disorders in mind. Designer Eric Siu explains, “The Touchy helmet intends to exaggerate the anxiety and remind one of their isolation in the world, so every single touch becomes extra meaningful.”

The user actually wears the camera, which is like a helmet with the addition of a pair of (rather oversized) goggles. The shutters, which are placed over the eyes, will remain closed until someone touches Touchy. The shutters will then open until the connection has been broken. Any contact that lasts for over 10 seconds triggers the camera’s shutter and takes a photograph of whatever the wearer is looking at. The creators of the device have put together a video to demonstrate Touchy in action.

It’s certainly an interesting idea and a fantastic concept, although it remains to be seen whether the device will be helpful to people suffering from social anxiety, or whether walking around wearing a helmet and large goggles in public spaces – blind unless someone touches you – might possibly make their social anxiety worse.


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