The world’s most unique cameras you never knew existed


Third Eye & Yama

Third Eye & Yama are creations of artist Wayne Martin Belger and are probably some of the most unique cameras you will ever see in your life and without a doubt the most morbid. These cameras are skulls.

Yama is the most elaborate of the two and is made from aluminium, titanium, copper, brass, bronze steel, silver, gold, and mercury and also includes 4 sapphires, 3 rubies, turquoise, opals, sand and blood. As if that wasn’t enough the camera skull was blessed by a Tibetan Lama.

Considering that the ruby that is Yama’s third eye is worth $5000, you can bet that the skull camera itself might take you quite a few years to save up for. But can you really put a price on probably the only camera in the world that has been blessed by a Tibetan Lama?